MBBS / BDS in Germany

Medicine is one of the fields that keep on expanding. In India, there are large numbers of students who wish to study BDS / MBBS in Germany. However, getting confirmed BDS / MBBS seat in top ranked German Public Medical Universities is extremely challenging for the international students. The level of education is given at medical universities in Germany is of extreme high quality and gives the perfect exposure to the students. It offers the best and the most low cost education (Tuition Fee Free) options for aspiring international students from all over the world. Many countries including Germany have most of the WHO approved medical universities which provide high quality of education and exposure. Yes, that’s true, some medical universities in Germany provide free education for international students as well. Students who want to pursue BDS, MBBS, MS or MD in the field of medicine, then Germany is the best option for them to get BDS / MBBS admission. The scope of medical education in Germany is very high than any other educational programs. Germany provides numerous financial and other benefits to the students and it is also really convenient to settle in the country after graduating. However, 13 years of schooling is must for non-EU residents. So students are required to study 1 year’s Studienkolleg (foundation) course in Germany.

The Academic Term in Germany is divided into two semesters – the winter & the summer semester. The Winter Semester starts from October and ends in March. The Summer Semester starts from April and ends by September. Admissions to these semesters usually start six months in advance and close before 2 months of commencement of the program in the universities.

Admission Procedure:

Students are required to send us all Academic Certificates, Grade sheets, Experience Certificates, Updated CV, German language Goethe B2 level Certificate and Passport in clear Scanned PDF format (as per document list) for the evaluation of their Profiles. Post Evaluation Students will be advised if they are eligible to apply for a Program in Germany of their choice or not. The Document Evaluation will be done Free of Charges. After getting confirmation they need to submit/ courier 3 sets of Notary Attested hard copies of all said documents to our Germany office.

Please Note that 13 years of schooling is mandatory to get confirmed admission in any Bachelor / Undergraduate or MBBS program. Studienkolleg: To fulfil the requirement of 13th year of education in Germany, students are required to enrol in 1 year Studienkolleg Program, it is a form of preparatory / foundation courses to meet admission criteria. We will get the confirmed admission in Studienkolleg. It has both options, Tuition Fee Free and Paid one also. Paid program Tuition Fee varies from Euro 5000-8000 for entire Studienkolleg program.

After getting registered with us, students will be provided online German Language classes from Germany and meanwhile their admission process will also begin. As soon as students get admission letter, we will apply for their Visa at the German Embassy. For BDS / MBBS students, we will advise and apply for Visa after their German B2 Goethe Certificate. After Visa approval, students will depart for Germany and we will assist students to start their foundation course and doing other formalities. We will help students preparing for Test-AS as well so that students have very high chances to get Top Ranked Medical Universities for BDS / MBBS. After completion of Studienkolleg, students will appear in the assessment test. On the basis of their class 12th & Studienkolleg grades, students will be granted an admission in MBBS in Germany. BDS / MBBS in Germany is a German taught program. BDS / MBBS students are advised to share their 2nd and 3rd options also if in case they do not qualify for the BDS / MBBS in Germany.


Students need to share us all their Academic Certificates, Grade sheets, Experience Certificates, CV and Goethe B2 level certificate in clear Scanned PDF format for the evaluation of their Profiles. Post Evaluation Students will be advised if they are eligible to apply for MBBS / BDS program in Germany. After getting confirmation they need to submit notarized hard copies of all said documents. Document Evaluation will be done Free of Charges.

1. Counselling, Profile Evaluation & Registration: Our expert counsellors brief you the details, assess your profile and advice you on the admission process for MBBS / BDS course in desired program.

2. Start Learning German Language: After registration, we will provide you online / offline German language classes. You will be provided extensive exam preparation upon completion of each level. Student will appear in Goethe exam, after obtaining required level language certificate, will go ahead further in the admission process.

3. Documentation for Admission: We will guide you for preparing your academic documents to notarize for admission process.

4. APS Registration: You will be guided for APS (document verification) registration, a mandatory process by German embassy.

5. TestAs Exam: We will assist student for TestAs exam preparation, we will provide study material as well. TestAs is a mandatory requirement for Admission and Visa process for MBBS / BDS in Public universities in Germany.

6. Blocked Account & Health Insurance: Students are required to show funds aprox Euro 11500 (Rs. 10.25 lakhs) in student’s bank account. Our team will guide you to open new Blocked account in India and unlocking same in Germany after arrival. We will help you getting a short term Health insurance as well.

7. Visa Process: Upon receipt of admission confirmation from Public Studienkolleg, we will initiate your documents for Visa process and guide you in document submission at the German Embassy.

8. Post Arrival in Germany: Upon arrival in Germany we will assist students finding an accommodation, health insurance, opening a local bank account and starting Studienkolleg program in Germany.

9. Post Studienkolleg in Germany: After successful completion of Studienkolleg, applications will be done for MBBS / BDS in public universities in order to begin the course. We will assist students doing the applications and for doing other formalities to get the admission in Germany.

Eligibility criteria to get admission with best Medical Universities:

➣ Students must have 80% or above in 12th standard with PCB subjects.

➣ German A1, A2,B1,B2 Level Goethe certificate in India before university applications. (Language training will be provided online from Germany by a native German Trainer).

➣ Studienkolleg, 1 year of Foundation course in Germany (mandatory). (Students will be taught further levels of German Language B2 & C1 and basics of PCB).

➣ Preparation of DSH, TestAS and Test C1 in Germany during Studienkolleg.

➣ NEET entrance exam qualification is must for MBBS.

➣ TestAS Qualification is mandatory. APS certification (Document Verification) need to be done.

Duration of the Programs: The duration of the MBBS is 5 years followed by the 1 year’s internship. The duration of the BDS is 3.5 years followed by the 1 year’s internship.

Language / Medium of Study: German Language (Not available in English)

Benefits of studying MBBS in Germany:

➣ Zero or Low tuition fee structure for MBBS in Germany.

➣ World recognized medical universities, recognized by – EU & WHO

➣ Some universities offer Free education in Germany for international students.

➣ High quality of education through practical approach. Highly advanced medical studies.

➣ Working opportunities during study and after completing the MBBS in Germany.

➣ German is needed for communication in the country even if you are studying an English taught program.

➣ Cost of living is very much affordable during the study in Germany.

➣ Guaranteed scholarship will be offered to the students who pass the scholarship exam.

➣ The medical course in Germany is recognized across the globe.

➣ Students will get to live and explore a new place in one of the most developed and beautiful country.

➣ Students will also get the stipends amount aprox Euro 20k to 30k (Rs. 16 to 20 lakh) yearly.

➣ Immense job opportunities after pursuing MBBS in Germany and EU followed by PR options

➣ Germany is the forefront of modern medicine and provides high tech hospitals that are capable of providing healthcare to numerous numbers of people.

➣ The medical education in Germany is stated as one of the most prestigious in the world.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we do MBBS / BDS directly after 12th?

Not possible in public universities, 13 years of schooling is mandatory to start MBBS / BDS / Bachelors in Germany. However, private colleges provide direct admissions in bachelor after 12th with high tuition fee.

Can we do MBBS / BDS in English medium in Public universities?

No, that’s not possible.

What level of German is required for MBBS / BDS?

German B2 level is required to get admission in Studienkolleg in a public university, post successful completion of Studienkolleg, students get admission in a MBBS / BDS course in public universities.

What’s the duration of MBBS / BDS in Germany?

After successful completion of 1 year’s Studienkolleg, duration of MBBS program is 5 years, BDS 3.5 years.

Can we get job after completion of MBBS / BDS course?

Yes, there are high chances to get a good job after completion of MBBS / BDS in Germany.

How many year’s gap is accepted after 12th?

Only 2-3 years of justified gap is acceptable.

Is it possible to do PG/MD after completion of MBBS / BDS course?

Yes, that’s possible.