Ausbildung in Germany

Ausbildung is a Vocational Training Program (VTP) in Germany and is known as Apprenticeship in the English language. In the first place, you’ll be affiliated with a vocational training school in Germany where you will be attending training classes. Your vocational training school will conduct your exams like midterms and final exams. Secondly, you will be affiliated with a German company where you’ll be on a work placement as an apprentice. Ausbildung in Germany is a profession based education system that will lead students towards a certain job in a related field. In most cases Ausbildung is a dual vocational training in Germany. Most Indians, when they think about going for higher studies & job opportunities in Germany, apply for popular Ausbildung courses in Germany. There are many renowned professional schools and institutes that provide such courses in Germany for International students.


Students are required to send us all Academic Certificates, Grade sheets, Experience Certificates and CV in clear Scanned PDF format for the evaluation of their Profiles. Post Evaluation Students will be advised if they are eligible to apply for this Program in Germany or not. After getting confirmation they need to submit notarized hard copies of all said documents. Document Evaluation will be done Free of Charges.

1. Counselling, Profile Evaluation & Registration: Our expert counsellors brief you the details, assess your profile and advice you on the right fit Ausbildung program.

2. Start Learning German Language: After registration, we will start your online / offline German language classes. You will be provided extensive exam preparation upon completion of each level. Student will appear in Goethe exam, after obtaining required level language certificate, will go ahead further in the process.

3. Documentation for Admission: We will process your academic documents for admission and scheduling your interview with the employer after translation / legalization done. One should have very good German communication skills to clear the interview with the employer.

4. Visa Process: Upon receipt of admission confirmation and Ausbildung contract from employer, we will initiate your documents for Visa process and submission at the German Embassy.

5. In Germany: Upon arrival in Germany we will assist in getting an accommodation, health insurance, opening a local bank account and starting Ausbildung program.

Some of these popular courses with Language requirements:

Main Available Programs and Required German Language Level in Ausbildung (VTP)

Hotel Expert – B1

Logistics / SCM – B1

Food Technologist – B2

Cook/ Chef – B1

Mechanical / Electrical – B1

Office Management – B2

Bakery (Chef) – B1

Store & Warehouse – B1

Accounts & Finance – B2

F&B Service – B1

Driver (Heavy Vehicles) – B1

IT Experts (CS / IT) – B2

Housekeeping – B1

Mechatronics – B1

Retail Sales Person – B2

Nursing / Healthcare – B2

Benefits of Ausbildung Courses in Germany

There are many benefits of pursuing Ausbildung courses in Germany, some of the major reasons are:

1. Since most of the people in Germany and neighbouring countries in Europe speak German language. Pursuing Ausbildung courses in German language increases the chances of employment for Indian students in a German speaking professional community.

2. Ausbildung courses provide a combination of classroom & practical training which provides work experience and the appropriate environment for students to excel in their professional careers in selected fields.

3. One of the major benefits of Ausbildung courses for International students is that they can directly start working after their school and easily able to earn good amount of money while learning.

4. Assured placement is provided right after completion of the Ausbildung program. Students start earning handsome salaries and establish themselves and their dependents in Germany.

5. Post study work placement lead to permanent residency after few years of working in Germany. You can provide quality of life to your dependent family members.

Frequently Asked Question

Do we need to sign any Bond with you, Institution or Employer in Germany?

No, No at all.

What level of German is required for Ausbildung Courses?

Well, for some professions German B1 level is required and in some fields German B2 is required.

What is the Age requirement for Ausbildung Courses?

Minimum 18 years, Maximum as such not fixed, that depends on the professions. For some professions even 35 years is also accepted.

Is Ausbildung a degree?

No, Ausbildung is not a degree program like Bachelors. It is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship, a skilled training program where students can attend work and school at the same time.

Who is eligible for Ausbildung in Germany?

Students from any nationality, 18 years old or more, 12th / A level / graduate are eligible. School study background does not matter to get admission in Ausbildung e.g. Arts background student can do Nursing or IT Computer Ausbildung.

Is part time job allowed during Ausbildung in Germany?

Yes, students can work part time jobs during Ausbildung training with the consent of their school.

Which Ausbildung course is best in Germany?

There are many Ausbildung courses which are popular in Germany like Nursing, Chef / Cook, Mechatronics, office management etc.

What is the Visa success rate for Ausbildung from India?

Our Visa success is 100% in Ausbildung from India.

Food & Accommodation provided by the Employer?

In some cases, employers also provide accommodation but they deduct high amount form your stipend. So, we recommend students to pay their food and rent so that they receive full amount of their stipend in hand.

Cost of Food & Accommodation

Cost of food and accommodation is aprox Euro 350-400 per month.

By when we can get PR?

After completion of Ausbildung course, students will have to work for few years to get PR.

Food & Accommodation provided by the Employer?

In some cases, employers also provide accommodation but they deduct high amount form your stipend. So, we recommend students to pay their food and rent so that they receive full amount of their stipend in hand.