Masters / MBA

Germany is called the land of ideas. Accepted worldwide for its academic excellence, the country has seen a steady rise in the International Student Community. Germany ranks top as a favoured destination for international students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad in Europe. Master Courses with various specializations in Arts, Science, Engineering, Business & Economics, Hospitality Management and many other streams are available in German medium in Top Ranked Public Universities with 100% Scholarship. The Academic Term in Germany is divided into two semesters – the winter & the summer semester. The winter semester starts from October and the summer semester start from April. Admissions to these semesters usually start six months in advance and close before 3 months of commencement of the program in the universities. Top Ranked Public Universities (both Technical and Applied Science) in Germany are offering various Master Programs in German taught. Which require showing German language proficiency certificate as well. However, MBA programs are available only in English with low tuition fee (approx. Euro 3500-5000 per semester). In some cases four years of bachelor (180 credits) is required to take admission in a Master / MBA program.

Highlights: Best Quality of Education, settled career & life. Clean, beautiful living and working environment. Affordable Living Cost. No or Low Tuition Fee in almost all the courses for eligible candidates. Part time jobs during study, can earn good amount of money. After finishing of the course, highly paid jobs are offered the average starting monthly salary is around Euro 2500 – 4000. Germany offers PR to the eligible applicants after working for few years in Germany. If in worse case any students don't get job after finishing their courses, Germany provides 18 months stay back Visa to look for the jobs over there. Germany needs skilled people due to high demand of skilled manpower. Students can explore Europe while studying and living in Germany.

➣ All Academic Documents (As per List of Documents Pdf

➣ IELTS / TOEFL / GMAT Score (for English taught)

➣ For German Medium Programs (B2 Certificate Require)

➣ Notarized Documents (3 sets)

➣ Resume (CV) MS Word

➣ Valid Passport

➣ Age: upto 40 Years

Duration of the Programs: The duration of the Master Courses 3 – 4 semesters.

Language / Medium of Study: English / German / Bilingual, all options are available.

Criteria for Free Education in Germany:

For German taught: 60% and above, German A1, A2, B1, B2 levels in India. C1 levels in Germany.

For English taught: 75% and above in previous exam / (80% Mechanical related), IELTS 6.5 bands.

NOTE: 4 year’s bachelor degree, 1-2 years of working experience is required. In some cases, 3 years of bachelor (with 150 credits) is also acceptable with 80% marks and IELTS 6.5 score.

For MBA Programs MBA are paid in Public Universities, Tuition Fee Euro 15-18k for full Program.

Initial Fee Deposit: Euro 1 Year’s / 1 Semester’s Tuition Fee to be paid initially.


Students are required to send us all Academic Certificates, Grade sheets, Experience Certificates, updated CV, Passport and IELTS certificate in clear Scanned PDF format for the evaluation of their Profiles. Post Evaluation Students will be advised if they are eligible to apply for this Program in Germany or not. After getting confirmation they need to submit notarized hard copies of all said documents. The Document Evaluation will be done Free of Charges.

1. Counselling, Profile Evaluation & Registration: Our expert counsellors brief you the details, assess your profile and advice you on the admission process for masters in desired program.

2. Start Learning German Language: After registration, we will provide you online German language classes for knowledge purpose which will be helpful in Germany for communication purpose. Later, it will be very helpful in getting part time jobs.

3. Documentation for Admission: We will guide you for preparing your academic documents to notarize for admission process.

4. APS Registration: You will be guided for APS (document verification) registration, a mandatory process for admission by German embassy.

6. Blocked Account & Health Insurance: Students are required to show funds approx. Euro 11500 (Rs. 10.25 lakhs) in student’s bank account. Our team will guide you to open new Blocked account in India and unlocking same in Germany after arrival. We will help you getting a short term Health insurance as well.

7. Visa Process: Upon receipt of admission confirmation from university, we will initiate your documents for Visa process and guide you in document submission process at the German Embassy.

8. Post Arrival in Germany: Upon arrival in Germany we will assist students finding an accommodation, health insurance, opening a local bank account and starting your studies in Germany.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we get admission directly after Bachelors?

Yes possible with some programs which have 180 credit points. Some courses which do not have 180 credits, students need to have couple of years of working experience to fulfil the requirement. However, private colleges provide direct admissions irrespective of credit points with high tuition fee.

Can we do masters in English medium in Public universities?

Yes that’s possible, mostly master programs are in English medium but competition is very high therefore getting admission in English medium course in public universities is not easy. Students should have high grades in bachelors, high score in IELTS along with some work experience and having knowledge of German are preferable.

What level of German is required for Bachelor?

German B2 level is required to get admission in Studienkolleg in a public university, post successful completion of Studienkolleg, students get admission in a bachelor course in public universities.

How to get admission in Public University with low grades?

You can go fir German taught programs.

What level of German is required for Bilingual or German taught Masters?

For that German B2 level Goethe certificate will be required.

What’s the duration of Master degree?

That totally depends upon your profile. Duration of the master course is 3 or 4 semesters.

Can we get job after completion of Master degree?

Yes, there are high chances to get a good job in Germany.

How many year’s gap is accepted after Bachelors?

That depends on the profile, they can accept long gap as well with justification.

What is the maximum Age requirement for Masters Courses?

That depends, upto 40 can be accepted in some cases with continuous work experience.

APS is mandatory for Masters in Germany?

Yes, APS is mandatory. Now gradually, all public universities are asking APS certificate while doing the applications, some ask after issuing admission before further process. But without APS certificate getting Visa appointment is not possible.

What’s the duration of Master degree?

That totally depends upon your profile. Duration of the master course is 3 or 4 semesters.